Project Area B

Informational Field

In project area B, a modular concept for information processing, modeling and use is developed. Data from the vehicle, tires, environment and roadway are to be taken into account.

One focus in project area B is the collection and fusion of geometric data and traffic data to describe the current state of the road (cluster: digital shadow).

The consideration of data uncertainty and the long-term investigation (service life prognosis of the "future road system") as well as the subsequent integration into the digital twin require fast and efficient computational models and form the second research focus in project area B (Cluster: Data Uncertainty and Reduced Models).

Through a synthesis of the physical models (including the experimental approaches) from project area A and the data of the digital shadow as well as the model reductions and detection of the data uncertainty, the informational added value of the digital twin is generated. Consequently, the digital twin consists not only of the data but also of the models of the represented object (road infrastructure) and includes algorithms as well as simulations that describe and predict the behavior and properties of the road infrastructure. Therefore, the third research focus of project area B is the merging of all data and models (cluster: digital twin).

All legal aspects regarding data collection, storage and processing in project area B are considered as well as all aspects regarding sustainability in an intensive exchange with project area C. In addition, all subprojects cooperate with project area C regarding knowledge transfer and research data management.

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