Subproject A06

Optimization of high-performance asphalts for a durable physical platform of a cyber-physical system

The subproject is concerned with the research and development of a functionalizable and thus sensitive high-performance asphalt, which is to serve as an optimized physical platform for the sensitive road surface layer to be developed in SP A03.

In this context, both conventional materials by adapting and optimizing the properties and completely new, innovative bitumen-based road construction materials (e.g. by adding special fillers, fibers and high-performance additives) are to be developed in order to create the prerequisites for the long-term inclusion of a sensitive partitioned road surface layer with high-quality and durable road pavements. In this subproject, the synthesis of the materials and thus the optimal design of the high-performance asphalt starting from the bitumen through the mastic to the asphalt mixture will be researched. The effects from traffic and climate on the thermo-mechanical properties of the high performance asphalt will be investigated using experimental methods developed in FOR 2089 and those developed in SP A04. In parallel, Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches will be used to generate synthetic data, which will also be used to optimize the material design and allow a reduction in the number of laboratory experiments.

In addition, the mechanical interaction between the sensitive road surface layer developed in SP A03 and the underlying layer of high performance asphalt will be investigated with the objective of maintaining sufficient durability using the Dresden Dynamic Shear Tester (DDST).

Finally, the material design of a sensitive high performance asphalt will be investigated. Functionalization of the high performance asphalt can succeed by adding conductive and thus sensitive additives (e.g. carbon nanotubes (CNTs)). The investigation of the piezoresistive properties of the sensitive high-performance asphalt while maintaining durability is carried out by measuring the electrical resistance as a function of the damage state in close cooperation with SP A03 and SP A08.

Example of a sensory road (high-performance asphalt with sensitive road surface layer)

Project Participants

Dr.-Ing. habil.
Sabine Leischner
Subproject Manager
Erik Kamratowsky
Scientific Researcher
Athira Mangalath Shine
Associated Member

Publications of the Subprojects


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