Project Area A

Physical Field

In project area A, forward-looking approaches to physical model development (partial models), to the development of functionalized materials, and to the characterization and evaluation of the real object at the material and structural level (experiments, data acquisition, data transfer) are pursued.

The development of partial models in project area A (cluster: detailed physical models) includes, on the spatial scales, the model of the road system components (tires, road surface, road structure) and its geometric relation to the current road position as well as, on the temporal scales, equivalent mappings in the short-term ("rollover", current traffic flow) as well as long-term range (service life prognosis, long-term effects).

Research into innovative approaches for the development, experimental characterization and modeling of functionalized, durable and sustainable materials is another focus of project area A (Cluster: experimental characterization and functionalization of materials). The stresses expected on the materials from traffic loads are calculated using the physical models. The material properties and models are in turn integrated into the physical models.

The physical models developed in project area A, the material characteristics and models, and the generated and transmitted sensor data are the input to the informational level (PA B). Data from project area B, including geometry and load variables, are in turn input for the modeling and investigations in project area A. With project area C (legal, sustainability, transfer), there is an intensive exchange on legal aspects of data collection. Sustainability is of tremendous importance in the development of new, functionalized and durable materials. These aspects are also considered in the intensive exchange with project area C. In addition, all subprojects cooperate with project area C regarding knowledge transfer and research data management.

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