Interdisciplinary Working Group

Simulation and Model Integration

In the Digital Twin of the Road System, information and data from the various subprojects of the SFB/TRR 339 are brought together and processed. A particular challenge in this context is to suitably link simulation results, data series and entire models of the SP, which are located in very different scientific disciplines.

The iWG Simulation and Model Integration, which consists of the SP A01, B04, B05 and B07, is exactly concerned with this important topic. In SP A01, a detailed, multi-physical tire-road interaction model for the short-term time range is built up, in which data and information from many other SP within SFB/TRR 339 are combined and processed. In SP B05, a novel intrusive-non-intrusive model reduction procedure is being developed, which will be applied to the aforementioned model to significantly reduce simulation times. The long-term goal is to reach real-time capabilities. SP B04 uses the reduced-order model to perform long-term forecasts and conduct analyses in the context of polymorphic uncertainty considerations. The integration and consistency of the different simulation and data models is taken care of by SP B07, which investigates new methods in this area and processes the information of all previously mentioned SP.

The aforementioned tasks naturally require the identification and definition of clear interfaces between the different SP of SFB/TRR 339, a topic which also falls within the scope of the iWG. The overall goal is to create synergies for the solution of cross-project questions in the area of simulation and model integration as well as to promote the transfer of knowledge between the involved project participants through regular meetings.

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