Interdisciplinary Working Group

Sensors and Communication

There are six subprojects in the iWG Sensors and Communication. The objective of SP A02 is to investigate a sensor concept for obtaining dynamic wheel loads and motion data from the vehicle-chassis-tire-road system. In SP A03, a sensitive road surface layer using piezoresistive materials is developed to record the load positions and load sizes of vehicles (tires) and condition data. In SP A05, low-cement or cement-free concrete matrices are reinforced with mineral-impregnated carbon fibers to detect the load and moisture conditions as well as the thermal activation of the road. These innovative materials developed by SP A03 and SP A05 can be considered as special sensors. SP A08 investigates wireless communication systems to transmit data collected by sensors to road-side units. In SP B02, roadside sensors or the sensitive surface layer will be investigated and functionalized in order to generate high-precision load distribution data. The SP B03 investigates cooperative sensor data fusion to increase the positioning accuracy of traffic individuals.

In summary, the work of this iWG focuses on how to develop or apply sensors to meet the needs of use, and to efficiently transmit, process, and analyze the collected data, to serve the entire digital twin of road system.

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