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Digital Twin Road

The mobility of people and goods is a central basis of our modern society with increasingly global and diverse networked processes. In its present form, mobility, especially with regard to road traffic, is currently confronted with global challenges (durability, safety, efficiency, ecology, costs, automation etc.) that urgently require fundamental solutions.

Project Areas


Project Area A

In PA A, forward-looking approaches to physical model development (partial models), to the development of functionalized materials, and to the characterization and evaluation of the real object at the material and structural level (experiments, data acquisition, data transfer) are pursued.


Project Area B

In PA B, a modular concept for information processing, modeling and use is developed. Data from the vehicle, tires, environment and roadway are to be taken into account. One focus in PA B is the collection and fusion of geometric data and traffic data to describe the current state of the road.


Project Area C

In PA C, important connecting questions of fundamental research, which are superordinate to PAs A and B, will be examined successively over the duration of the SFB/TRR 339 and further levels of investigation will be opened up. The first research focus in PA C is the examination of the social aspects of the digital twin road.



    PhD Workshop 2023 of SFB/TRR 339

    The researcher and associated members of the sub-projects met for this year's PhD workshop of our SFB/TRR 339 in Vienna. The workshop organized by the MGK was used for intensive exchange, the planning ...

    Invitation to our International Summer School

    We are inviting international Master and Ph.D. students to join us from for the International Summer School of our SFB/TRR 339.
    Application deadline is 31.03.2023.

    SFB/TRR 339 Fall Conference

    The first annual meeting of our SFB/TRR 339 took place at Schloss Wackerbarth near the speaker university TU Dresden. We thank all participants for a successful and interesting event!


    October 2023

    The annual meeting, the fall conference, will take place near the location of Aachen this year. Here, all the project members will gather: the subproject leaders, researchers and associated members.

    Location TBA

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