Subproject B07

Consistency of multi-physical and multi-scale simulation models for the digital twin of the road system

Subproject B07 investigates a novel method for the integration and consistency preservation of simulation and data models from different simulation domains of the road (multi-physical and multi-domain modeling), as well as for those of different abstraction levels, for instance, macro- and micro-models of the road (multi-scale modeling). To this end, techniques for view forming from view-oriented software engineering (VOSE) will be transferred to equational specifications, particularly Modelica specifications and hybrid Petri nets. An example of such a technique that allows the implementation of layered object-oriented designs is a mixin-layer pattern (Fig. 1). As a result, a new specification of Modelica – Context Modelica will appear. Context Modelica will allow unifying all relevant simulation and data specifications in a single underlying model (SUM), called STRASSE-SUM (Fig. 2). This SUM will be integrated with runtime data.

Figure 1: Example of mixin layer pattern
Figure 2: Vision of B07

Project Participants

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil.
Uwe Aßmann
Subproject Manager
Volodymyr Prokopets
Scientific Researcher

Publications of the Subprojects


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