Subproject B02

Functionalization of roadside sensors for the generation of complex traffic-related load data

Traffic loads are recorded in subproject B02 for the load model of the digital twin. For this purpose, roadside sensors are investigated and functionalized. The sensitive surface layer developed in SP A03 will act as a sensor and generate this data in the future. In order to provide load data already in the initial phase of the project, data coming from Weigh-In-Motion-Systems, which are based on piezoelectric sensors, will be used. Such systems record static and dynamic wheel loads. As a novelty, the derivation of the trajectories of the wheels is focused. This makes it possible to locate the loads on the surface of the road and thus to generate precise data on the load distribution.

The core of SP B02 is the development of novel evaluation algorithms using suitable polynomial motion models, pattern recognition and clustering methods. The development will be carried out already with regard to the sensitive surface layer. The intended sensors will be investigated with respect to the available data quality, such as achievable resolution and precision. In addition, a database will be established and validation methods will be developed. The result will be time-continuous, multi-dimensional functions describing the position and size of the loads as well as additional features such as vibration behavior, which will be combined to form a single vehicle data set. The transfer of these area-wise determined data to large road sections is done with the data fusion in SP B03.

Exemplary illustration of an ordinary Weigh-In-Motion system for the acquisition of the loads (left) and further developed sensor configuration for the additional derivation of the load trajectories (right).

Project Participants

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil.
Markus Oeser
Subproject Manager
Adrian Fazekas
Subproject Manager
Moritz Hagmanns
Scientific Researcher

Publications of the Subprojects


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