Interdisciplinary Working Group

Social, legal and sustainable discussions and social transfer

The objectives of this interdisciplinary working group are to understand and analyze the social, legal and sustainable aspects related to the Digital Twin Road. Therefore, representatives of the different project areas come together in this group: physical (A01), informational (B04, B06) and superordinate (C01, C02).

Subprojects A01 and B06 contribute data management considerations in the context of efficient twinning. In addition, subprojects A01 and C02 bring considerations to the sustainable design of the roadway structure, while subprojects C01 and C02 bring discussions related to legal and normative aspects of (social) sustainability. Subprojects B04 and B06 lead discussions on uncertainty in data management. Uncertainty (B04) is also addressed in the context of risk and security (C01) and in sustainability assessment (C02).

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