Interdisciplinary Working Group

Material characterization and development

The interdisciplinary working group “material characterization and development” is attempting to investigate new sustainable and multifunctional asphalt and concrete for smart pavement applications. Comprehensively the physical and mechanical properties, microstructures and electrical properties of the materials will be investigated. The multifunctional asphalt and concrete pavements will be explored on their deicing capability, load detection and the structural health monitoring.

More specific, the subproject A03 have firm relationship to A05 to develop smart piezo-resistive asphalts and concrete. A04 will conduct mechanical tests on the materials based on complex stress conditions of real road applications. Furthermore, A05 cooperates with A08 to evaluate the dielectric properties of concrete and special fiber reinforcements. Moreover, A03, A05 and A06 will jointly analyze the morphology as well physical and chemical properties of novel asphalts. In A04 and A07 studies on the distribution and propagation of stress and temperature will be conducted. Thereby boundary conditions and related stress and deformation states between the road construction and soil will be experimentally and numerically investigated. Finally, with regard to a need for sustainable and low CO2 production, subproject C02 will be responsible for the sustainable assessment of these materials, including the social life cycle assessment, life cycle costing and the life cycle assessment. The input therefor will be provided by A05, A06 and A07.

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